New video clips for the start of the school year Sept. 10, 2014

Welcome to the new school year! For the start of the autumn term, we are pleased to announce a selection of new video clips on ReelLearning for both primary and secondary teachers. The new video clips look at the use of whole books in KS2 as a stimulus for learning across the curriculum, and in KS3 we focus on the development of teamwork skills within the classroom. As always interview clips with teachers, head teachers and learners accompany the lesson content.

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We’ve got 2 featured clips for the start of the new term.

For primary teachers check out ‘How can you promote in-depth exploration of text?’ where the impact of working with whole books on children’s learning is illustrated.

For secondary teachers take a look at ‘Review and Reflection’ where we see the teacher and students review and reflect together towards the end of their lesson. The plenary ends with students suggesting some ideas for the improvement of teamwork. This issue of group construction is then picked up in the related interview with the teacher, which you can listen to in the clip titled ‘Grouping Strategies’.

For a full list of new clips for both primary and secondary, visit our new blog posts.