New Secondary clips - Autumn Term 2014 Sept. 10, 2014

Here’s a complete playlist of all our new Secondary clips.

We join a KS3 class developing their teamwork skills. They are writing a bid to host an Olympics event. With an emphasis on being creative and reasoning, the importance of teamwork is highlighted.

At the end of the lesson, we see a plenary session where individual and group reflection is followed by feedback and discussion on how individuals worked, and how the team could improve next time. An interview with the teacher gives background to the learning and teaching experiences.

Classroom Interaction

• Sharing lesson intentions

• Teamwork protocols

• Starting the group task

• Ideas taking shape

• Mini-plenary

• Extending group ideas

• Homework task

• Consolidation phase

• Review and reflection

Professional Dialogue

• Providing ‘thinking time’

• Grouping strategies

• Encouraging transfer

• Life long learning