New Primary clips - Autumn Term 2014 Sept. 10, 2014

Here’s a complete playlist of all our new Primary clips.

We join KS2 towards the end of the summer term where the classes have been reading two books, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Goodnight Mr Tom, as a stimulus for learning across the curriculum, and also to approach different writing genres.

The video clips include group-based discussion, direct teaching, speaking and listening and writing. We learn about the impact of a whole book approach on children’s learning, and see the on-going process of evaluation and planning from the staff and head teacher’s point of view.

Classroom Interaction

• How do pupils see the link between reading and writing skills?

• What does it mean to compare characters in a book Part 1?

• What does it mean to compare characters in a book Part 2?

• What does it mean to compare characters in a book Part 3?

• What does this picture mean to you? – comparing characters

• What are the benefits of studying whole books?

• How can you promote in-depth exploration of text?

• How can a teacher promote exploration of text for meaning?

• How do pupils understand their learning? – developing meta-cognition

• Studying whole books – what are the pupils’ perspectives?

• How do you develop pupils understanding of success criteria for writing?

Professional Dialogue

• What is the place of whole books in the new curriculum?

• How should teachers evaluate and plan towards a whole book approach?

• What are the key features of introducing the new National Curriculum using whole books?

• What is the impact of a whole books approach on pupils’ learning?